Freedom Foundation of Nova Scotia
A Safe Recovery Home for Men with Addictions

Our Program

The Freedom Foundation of Nova Scotia is a safe, clean home for men striving to create a life free from addiction. 

There are no in-house treatment programs or addiction based meetings. There are no councilors or medical personnel. All counciling, medical, addiction and home group meetings take place outside of the home. 

There are recreational activities (fishing, walking, etc) that are planned by the residents and the Transition Navigator. 

We encourage volunteerism in the community. 

Here is a brief synopsis of each phase: 

Phase 1 - Introductory Phase 

Phase 1 of the program brings the resident to live at the Freedom Foundation. The Office Manager has completed the Pre-Admission and the Executive DIrector has interviewed the client.  The decision has been made that the client is a good candidate for residency.  The Caseworker completes intake forms, and the house manager makes the new resident welcome, showing them their bed and touring the house. All residents are required to see the house appointed doctor. The Transition Navigator will arrange appointments for the new resident to see the doctor, optician and dentist as required. 

During this phase, the resident will have acquired any necessary identification and will be directed to addiction services to sign up with an addictions councilor. There will be a daily schedule provided including any appointments, meetings and other activities. 

Each resident is also assigned to help with house duties (cleaning the public areas of the house). All residents are responsible for their own area's cleanliness at all times. 


Phase 2 can last from six weeks to six months depending on the needs and recovery momentum of the resident. The focus of this phase is on the 12 Steps, recovery programs and self-help meetings. The resident forms their support network by joining a group, getting a sponsor and participating in activities where they will meet and become friends with knowledgeable and like-minded people. 

Residents can apply for weekend passes in this phase. 

Phase 2 - Treatment Phase 

Phase 3 - Transitional Phase

Phase 3 is the transitional Phase. Residents will make decisions on which direction they would like to take with regard to future endeavours. Will they re-train or upgrade? Will they make a resume and learn job search skills? Will they be moving out on their own? Make a budget? Where do they want to live? Do they have further to go in the educational field? 

The Transition Navigator will provide guidance and assistance to the residents as they make these decisions and move ahead with the rest of their plans.